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I completed Assassins Creed Black Flag last night *sniffles*

I know I’m all hyped up about it and I am playing it at the moment. But I think Edward is my favourite Assassin and this could possibly be my favourite AC game. I’ll probably have to replay the others, but I dunno. I just loved the supporting character much more than any of the other games and the setting and it’s so much more open world with the sailing and different islands, but also fast travel everywhere so it’s just quick and easy skdjdkdnskdjdksndkxkst yeah.

Then again I fucking loved AC3 and it’s storyline and yet a lot of AC fans didn’t and said it was one of their least favourite.

Oh man.

So I can now buy my Xbox One to come bundles with the Prestige Edition and Fifa and its £614. So tempted. I’m gonna work out what games will be coming out before that I may be getting but I think I may change my order. Seeing as the PS4 comes out on the 29th which is a day after pay day it essentially means I have August, September and October paydays to save up for the Xbox (which I could do in one month and I have three to do it, plus £100 put aside anyway). Then of course the PS4 will come out of November payday. Sorted.

Yup I’m going for that bundle.

Oh man I loved that end scene of Uncharted 2

Also I never really knew why people thought Nathan Fillion would be a good actor for Drake, other than them kinda looking the same.

But after playing the games, holy shit the’re nearly identical.

Also so glad Claudia Black was voicing Chloe, the whole game j was just like Dkdndsjdsjdbd I love your accent. I also thought she sounded a lot like Samantha Byrne from GoW and that when I realised they were both voice by Claudia xD

Well on to Uncharted 3 next =]

Oh and do my Gunnars suit me?

Oh and do my Gunnars suit me?

My new thumb sticks arrived!

Guys where is Carvers head? Seriously he’s headless. I can see his spine/neck bones. And now he’s crouching behind shit to protect his head? HOW CAN HE SEE TO SHOOT PEOPLE?!


New “Remember Me” Trailer Introduces Kid Xmas Boss

In a new trailer for the upcoming video game Remember Me, from Dontnod and Capcom, the memory hunter protagonist Nilin roams Neo-Paris in 2084. But the real fun is seeing her face off against a boss with the moniker of Kid Xmas.

The trailer shows off literally flashy combat and the futuristic French setting. Remember Me comes out in May for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.



(Source: populationgo)


“Dead Space 3” Is Better With Kinect

EA Games has unveiled a new promo video, showcasing off the features available on Dead Space 3 when playing with Kinect.

As the video shows, players can use Kinect to perform basic gameplay commands in order to have a more fluid playing experience.

Most notable, however, is that Dead Space 3 is the first game to feature co-op specific game commands, meaning there are multiplayer-specific commands such as “give partner ammo” — something which will certainly make facing hordes of necromorphs with a friend all the more easier.

Dead Space 3 is set for a February 5, 2012, release.



(Source: populationgo)